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Who We Are
The Competition is to design a T-Shirt on the theme of 'Historic Sleaford'. The winning design(s) will be used to produce Premium T-Shirts for sale in SnP in order to promote our new range of printing techniques and to promote the Sleaford Museum, with £5 of the £15 purchase price of the winning design being donated to the Trust.
1. No purchase is necessary in order to enter.  All winners give the right to use their name and their design in all publications of the Competition by whatever means. No personal appearance will be mandatory.
2. Entry is by printed form (available from the Museum or SnP shop at 19 Boston Road) or electronically by this form or by requesting an emailable entry form. Designs can be sketches, notes, photographs or fully complete artwork - the more complete the detail is the easier it will be for the judges to visualize the final design.
3. Closing date for entries is 5 p.m. Friday 26th May 2017. Electronic entries will be acknowledged by return (Time Stamped), and paper entries will be signed and timed by Museum or SnP staff. The receipt should be retained but entry forms posted through letter boxes must have an email address or text number noted on them for an electronic acknowledgement to be sent out.
Any designs that are not attached to a paper entry form or electronically attached to an entry form, can be submitted either at the Museum or SnP in an envelope or document wallet with the Name and submission date clearly marked on the outside - anytime up to Closing Date shown above.
4.There will be 3 categories for entry; Under 11, 11-16 years and over 16 years (as at the closing date) with winners selected by SnP that in their opinion best fit the Theme and make best use of the printing technology. In addition an overall winner will be selected by SMT who, in the opinion of the Management Committee best portrays the Theme and promotes Historic Sleaford.  The decision of all judges is final and indisputable.
5. The overall winner will have the winning T-Shirt design printed and made available for sale at SnP and will receive the first shirt for themselves.  In addition they will receive a £25 Gift voucher for use at SnP.  Category winners will receive a Premium printed T-Shirt of their submitted design and a £10 SnP Gift Voucher.
All designs submitted should be the entrants own original work and must not include any copyrighted material that does not come with the necessary owners permission.
6. Entrants who are under 16 must have permission to supply contact details or supply the contact details of a responsible adult in place of theirs.  All contact details supplied will only be used for the promotion of this competition, announcement of winners and sending out entry forms and vouchers.  All contact details relating to this competition will be destroyed/deleted by the end of July 2017.
7. All valid entrants will be issued with a voucher;
Under 11's will be entitled to an " I entered the Historic Sleaford T-Shirt Competition " personalised (name optional) metal pin badge - limited to the first 200 valid entries
11-16 will be entitled to a Mini Stylus Pen which comes with an audio socket plug for mobiles/tablets (limited to 75)
16+ will be entitled to £5 off a £15 Premium Own Design T-Shirt or £2 off a £10 Standard Own Design T-Shirt from SnP or Mini Stylus Pen as above
All Facebook users who Like and Share our Competition post will also receive the above vouchers of their choice.
8. All vouchers must be redeemed by the end of June 2017 and all resulting goods will be supplied by the end of July 2017
9. All disputes will be dealt with in a fair and reasonable manner by SnP and their decision is Final.  There will be no monetary replacement for any of the entry gifts or awards.
SnP reserve the right to cancel the competition if fewer than 20 entries are received. In these circumstances only the Facebook awards will be honoured.
10. The copyright of the final design supplied by the overall winner and used on the T-Shirts for SMT will be passed to SnP, only for the manufacture of Shirts on behalf of SMT and use in promotional materials about the Museum Competition and the printing processes used to produce the shirt. The use of the design on any other merchandise will still require permission from the designer or their legal Guardian.
11. Winners will be announced on 2nd June 2017 by poster at SnP and SMT, on Facebook and on SnP websites and by email to the winners on 1st June 2017.  The Museum will organise a presentation on site at a mutually convenient date and this will also be publicised as above and by email to all the entrants.

Features of
Light T-Shirts

Full colour images or black outlines give a striking result
Polyester T-Shirts display full colour photos best as they use the sublimation process  

See the rules
for details

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Coloured T-Shirts

Full Colour designs in striking colours with white print and even metallic foil
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